Terms of use

General Terms

We pledge to provide full support for any product sold through our platform (to contact us via the contact us page) Depending on the nature of the product, it is not possible to return or replace any product unless it is proven that there is a malfunction or damage in the product and this is done within five working days, not including vacation days. All materials and products that are provided through the website are electronic products, not in kind, and directly link to the purchase of the (licenses) page on your account on the platform only. Douk has the right to change the prices of products on its website without prior notice. We have the right to remove or add any product without prior notice.

Content delivery

The content will be delivered via the (Licenses) page in the customer’s account. Content will be delivered in its original form (LOG) if it is shot this way. All materials and products that are provided on the platform in the highest quality and form we can provide. Douk has the right to update the files in the event of a technical defect or error in the files to ensure the quality of service for customers.

Property rights

The customer shall not use the visual content in a pornographic or defamatory context, in an obscene or illegal manner, or for political or fraudulent purposes. The client is solely bound by the full responsibility arising from misbehavior of content in front of the competent authorities in each country, and the role of the first party is limited to providing the content agreed upon in this contract. The customer shall not use any character in the visual content as a trademark or logo. The customer shall not explicitly or implicitly indicate that the visual content was created by him or by another person. The customer shall not resell the visual content to any other party without approve in written consent of the first party. The customer is obligated to use the content one time, such as what is shown in the name of the client and the project on the licenses page.

Compensation, dispute resolution and applicable law

In the event of any dispute between the two parties, God forbid, regarding any clause of the terms and conditions, the dispute will be resolved amicably through (mediation, negotiation, settlement), and if an amicable solution fails within two weeks, the dispute is referred to the competent judicial authority in Riyadh. This is subject to the provisions stated in the terms and conditions for all relevant laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you violate the terms and conditions of the site, we have the right to claim compensation for damages (including, but not limited to), attorney fees and financial compensation.